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  • Guesswhat  v.1.2This is a two-player guessing game.
  • Monosnap  v.1.5.3Monosnap is perfect tool that allows you to take, share and manage your screenshots.
  • QotLaunch  v.1.7qotLaunch is a launch utility with skins and plugins support. This utility may be suitable for both normal and power users, who wants to start quickly and easily most useful programs. qotLaunch represents the menu, which may contain only by memory ...
  • IP Address for Windows 8  v.1.0An IP or Internet Protocol address is a unique address which is given to your PC or mobile device whenever you log onto the Internet.
  • Mouse and Keyboard Center to get the most out of Windows 8  v.1.0A new application that helps you make the most out of your Microsoft keyboard and mouse.
  • Digitalchemy Calculator for Windows 8  v.1.0A simple calculator with multiple color themes.
  • All About Money for Windows 8  v.1.0All About Money - The easiest way to track your money.
  • Evalaze  v. virtualization is a technology to run software applications without having to install it on the "traditional" way. The application runs in a closed system for themselves, the virtual sandbox.
  • FileMaker Pro  v.10.0v1.89How did FileMaker Pro get to be the worldls leading easy-to-use database application? For one simple reason l it helps anyone with any type of task get things done faster. And it doesnlt matter if youlre a Mac or Windows user l you can create and ...
  • Adobe Media Player  v.1.7FeaturesDiscover new Internet television shows and video podcasts from leading media companies and discover new shows from mid-tail and long-tail content producers.My FavoritesAutomatically download new episodes of your favorites shows and video ...
  • MAGIX Website Maker  v.3MAGIX Website Maker makes it possible for every beginner without previous knowledge or introductory times to create and publish professional Flash websites online in no time. Up to 10,000 MB disk space is available for photos, videos, music, text and ...
  • PC Fresh  v.2015cPC Fresh helps you to optimize your Windows in a easy way. It supports to manage services and autostart programs. In addition it is possible to enable performance features and adjust settings like Windows experts.
  • MySlideShow Gold  v. computer slide shows is very easy with MySlideShow. This simple and straightforward software application offers its users a comprehensive toolkit for making bright, memorable and esthetically pleasing slide shows and photo albums. The ...
  • Quit Apps for Mac OS  v.1.2This action is meant to save you time of manually quitting all running applications on your computer.By double clicking the 'sQuit all Apps' action it will simply quit all running applications on your computer.If theres any unsaved progress in your ...
  • Free Computer Monitoring Software  v.13.02.01Now it is very much possible to track every system activities of employees within an organization by using Employee Desktop Live Viewer tool.
  • HotkeyP  v.4.6Keyboard shortcuts and mouse shortcuts can be assigned to any executable file, document, folder or web page. You can use all multimedia keys, the fourth and fifth mouse buttons, mouse wheel, joystick and remote control (if you install WinLIRC). Other ...
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